How much sleep a child should get?

One of the most recurrent question parents ask me is “how much sleep my Child should get?

Obviously there is an average amount of sleep for each age group, but I like to insist on the fact that each children need different amount of sleep and that the best way to tell if the child is getting enough sleep is to look at how they act while they are awake.

Daytime & Night-time sleep

You will find below the average amount of sleep needed per age group up to 12 months: (For parents with older children I will write articles about school ages children in the next coming weeks, for any specific question please email or PM me)

Age Daytime sleep Night-time sleep Total sleep

Newborn Varied Varied 16 hrs +/-

Up to 3months 4 hrs (3-5 naps) 10 hrs to 11 hrs 13 hrs to 14 hrs

Up to 6months 3 hrs to 4hrs (3-4 naps) 10 hrs to 11 hrs 13 hrs to 14 hrs

9months 3 hrs (3 naps) 10/11 hrs 13 hrs

12months 2 hrs 30mins (2 naps) 10 hrs 12 hrs to 13 hrs


As for the amount of sleep, I want you to know that the time between naps also vary from a child to another, so do not worry if your friend’s newborn is awake one hour between 2 naps when your is only up for 40mn. It is absolutely fine. What is important to do is to assess how your baby is while she/he is awake.

The number of naps per day will vary based on how long your baby sleeps. So if you baby sleeps more or less than another one, it is, once again, absolutely fine ;) Please, find below a quick chart that shows the average time between nap for babies up to 12 months:

Age Time between naps Nap duration Nbr of nap/day

Up to 6 weeks 45mn to 1 hour 15mn to 1hour 4-8

Up to 3months 1 hour to 1h45 30mn to 1hour 3-5

Up to 6months ~2 hours 30mn to 2 hours 3-4

Up to 9months ~2-3 hours 1-3 hours 3

Up tp 12months ~3 hours 1-2 hours 2

My best advice is to always look at your baby (child) and pay attention to any sign of tiredness:

If they pull their ears or yawn for instance, it indicates that they are ready for a nap (or bed).

If they are getting fussy, impatient or irritable, it indicates that they are overtired and that they “should” have been put in bed already.

Don’t feel guilty if you miss these signs sometimes, it is not always easy when we are a busy, tired, working or a sleep-deprived parent. If you missed a sign of tiredness today, well... you will do better tomorrow ;)

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it helped you! If you have any question about it, or if you would like further information, please email me or PM me on FB

See you in the next article that will focus on Parents this time!

Thank you – Magda Dearth

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