Services as pregnancy therapist

First 30 mn Consultation for free

These 30mn will give us a chance to meet each other before committing for several sessions. We usually discuss what is the situation that brings you to me and how I will be able to help you (can be face to face or by phone).

Ante-natal relaxation therapy for a serene pregnancy 

- Management and acceptance of physical changes during pregnancy (weight, tiredness, pack pain)

- Management of pain/stress/insomnia due to a past or coming situation via adapted methodology

- Preparation to birth, comprehending the pain to come via breathing and visualisation exercices and based on the type of delivery you will have (c-section, natural birth, epidural, at home)

Post-natal for a harmonious back to home 

Having a new baby is a very big change. My first mission is to help you to recover from the birth. I then assist mothers to help manage their anxiety and stress.  I will help you find the right balance that will allow you to enjoy every moment spent with your baby. Finally, I help parents with parenting issues and to preserve their "couple life" which can be disrupted by the short nights, the baby's demands, and tiredness.

Meditation to feel in harmony with yourself and the world around

With deep relaxation techniques, meditation, and visualisation, I help parents to cope with a variety of physical and emotional stresses during pregnancy. These techniques will enable you to relax and focus your concentration, reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and enhance your peace of mind. Usually practiced in a group, it also helps people to open up and bond with others.

Rates and sessions

- First 30mn: Free

- One to One sessions of 55mn: £65 (minimum of 5 sessions)

- Package of 10 sessions of 55mn: £600 (to use over 8 weeks)

- Group sessions of 55mn: £50/person (minimum of 4 persons)

I am here to support you from pregnancy to birth and beyond ...

Area of expertise 

Here are examples that I cover in consultation: 

  • Pre-pregnancy: getting rid of psychological blockers which are often preventing women to get pregnant

  • Work on the fear of the miscarriage during 1st trimester 

  • Manage the stress of announcing it to your employer and/or interrupt your career

  • Accept your body's changes and keep feeling feminine and beautiful

  • Manage the physical pains related to pregnancy

  • Work on the management of the pain and the contractions

  • Prepare the birth based on the chosen birth plan (natural, c-section, at home, in water) 

  • Learn how to feel and communicate with the baby to begin the parental bonding

  • Work on the return to the home, recover from the birth, stay rested and serene, remove all physical or psychological tensions that could lead to baby blues and post-natal depression

  • Help with insomnia and anxiety 

  • Help you to accept and manage specific scenarios: sick baby, disabilities, autism or ADHD, twins

  • Help you to go through the loss of a child 

  • Be ready to be a single parent, or if you go through a separation during maternity 

  • Please note that the preparation to birth does not substitute or replace the work of a midwife

Magda Dearth

Sleep consultant & Pregnancy therapist