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Hi Mums, dads and parents to be!

Many of you may wonder: “How can you make a baby go to sleep if she does not want to? Can you really help her sleep on her own and through the night? Does it really work, I’m desperate to sleep! Why is my child still wetting her bed at 10 yrs old? Should I let my 8 weeks baby cry or not? Is co-sleeping dangerous?” and many more questions.

Here is my new blog, the place where we will be able to discuss all these topics, via open questions, answers, tips, videos, articles and much more.

I found it hard to find an online place where I could discuss things related to me when I was pregnant, new mum, mum of one and pregnant again, then mum of 2 and pregnant again, a very sleep deprived mum, and a wife at the same time ;)

So what this blog will be about: in 3 letters: YOU!

And to start, here are my first tips for you:

  • Be proud of yourselves as a person and as parents

  • Don’t feel desperate for not being a parent yet

  • Don’t feel ashamed to not want to be a parent

  • Accept to love your kids like crazy today and less other days

  • Accept the fact that being a parent is a lifetime learning process and that no-one is perfect at it

Take some time to mediate about this and see you very soon in the next article!

Thank you - Magda

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