“I recommend Magda as to anyone who looking for a relaxing pregnancy . She was a powerful component in my preparation for birth” Agathe L.
“Magda has been amazing to get us out of the sleep deprivation spiral we were into putting in place the adapted sleeping plan for our son Oscar ”. Amelia G.

About me

My Story

I have many years experience as a therapist and more recently as a sleep consultant. I am the lucky mom of three very active children who inspire me in my work and the reason why I have begun supporting parents from pregnancy until whenever they need me after birth! 

Being pregnant is amazing but can be scary at times. 

The unknowns, putting on weight, not sure to be ready, the stress of telling your boss, managing the hormones, the fears of giving birth, wondering if you will be a good parent, remaining in good shape, all the while balancing your work and life demands.  I know how you feel and know exactly what to do to help you manage all of these feelings and to assure you a serene pregnancy and birth preparation.

My Philosophy as pregnancy therapist

I am here to support every woman/parent from conception into postnatal taking into account the personality,  the history and wishes of each individual. 


I use a combination of tools adapted and tailored to each of my patients: mental exercises, visualisation, and physical 
exercises all inspired from oriental techniques, yoga postures & meditation. These techniques relieve anxiety, doubts, and fears that moms will have around pregnancy. While focusing mainly on the mind, my methodology also helps easing many of the discomforts arising from pregnancy, thanks to a repertoire of 
physical and breathing exercises. 

Regularly repeated, these exercises will work postnatal, helping a lot of moms adjust perfectly to motherhood, improve the bond with their child and prevent postnatal issues such as baby blues and postnatal depression.​

My Philosophy as sleep consultant

All families are different. What may suit one family will not suit another. This is a key fact that I always keep in mind when I support a family as a sleeping consultant.

I believe it is crucial to meet the families and child before proposing a plan to parents. Some techniques work better than others depending on the kid’s age, health, family environment or even child birth history, so it remains essential that each child and each sleep problem is addressed on an individual basis.

Usually parents who call me want a major change after too much lack of sleep, so I will meet with them, listen to their issues, and ask questions to make the right assessment and come up with an adapted technique that will change their child sleep habits.

What is important to know is that a few techniques work faster than others depending on the kid’s age and that parents' patience is key to make sleeping techniques an enduring success.

Being a parent is also amazing, but so tiring.

I really discovered what being tired meant after having kids. 

The short nights, the baby illnesses, the fear of cot death, the co-sleeping that never ends, the long nights up comforting and carrying the child to get him or her to sleep, the constant awakenings and very early mornings without mentioning the night terrors and all the other things that lead us quickly to sleep deprivation. I could not have gone through all these moments without the help of a great sleep consultant, and lucky for you, today I am the one who is here for you!

Magda Dearth

Sleep consultant & Pregnancy therapist